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Nespresso summer campaign with Alessandra Ambrósio

15 Jul 2022Clients
A Nespresso junta-se à Alessandra Ambrosio para lhe proporcionar um verão inesquecível e apresenta a nova Edição Limitada Liminha Over Ice, um aroma bem brasileiro pronto a iluminar a sua chávena 0

Nespresso joins forces with Alessandra Ambrosio to provide you with an unforgettable summer and presents the new Limited Edition Liminha Over Ice, a very Brazilian aroma ready to light up your cup. Summer has arrived at Nespresso in the form of a range inspired by Brazil and the flavors of the tropics, presented by model Alessandra Ambrosio.

The brand's new iced coffees pay homage to the best-known drink in Brazil, the caipirinha, with lime and mint as protagonists. The yellow floral pattern on the packaging is also a tribute to the landscape of this country. Thus, Liminha Over Ice and Exotic Liminha Over Ice offer “a surprising moment of iced coffee, which promises to keep the heat at bay”, says Nespresso in a statement. Along with these new additions to the Barista Creations range, the blends of the original Coconut Flavor Over Ice line and the seasonal Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso coffees are also back. The Vertuo line has, in turn, the Tropical Coconut Flavor Ice as a novelty.

«I love the concept of coffee that marks important moments of reflection throughout the day. I am so excited to be part of such an inspiring campaign and to be able to work with Nespresso to bring these delicious recipes and accessories and this quality coffee to life. Liminha Over Ice is guaranteed to be Brazilian summer in a cup», says Alessandra Ambrosio. This collection also has limited edition accessories, such as two coffee mugs signed by Alessandra Ambrosio. Each displays one of Summer's mantras - "Brew, Breathe, Bloom" and "Inhale, Exhale, Enjoy".

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