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Ana Marques Interview

20 May 2021Human ResourcesClientsSociprime
Entrevista Ana Marques 0

"Differentiation in modus operandi, revealing uniqueness in each client and presenting workable solutions make negotiation clear and with motivation to move forward."

1. How long have you worked at Sociprime?

17 years. I have worked in several functions in an evolutionary way.

I started as Field Supervisor, moved to Key Account and later I accumulated the role of Coordinator Manager (Replenishment area), later I moved to Operations Manager and currently, since 2020, I'm Sales Manager.

2. How does Sociprime follow the constant development of the market?

We start by getting to know our clients and potential clients.

We also indirectly follow our competitors.

Before we are a company, we are consumers and we realize that market trends and patterns change, so do behaviors and attitudes, so we cannot be passive and/or stagnate.

Sociprime's client portfolio has increased and we realize that if in one way we seek clients with market research, others also seek us and it is on these two fronts that we understand what the client's needs are and how the sell-out and visibility they have and want to have, before the final consumer.

We don't make miracles, we give solutions, we talk about new positioning, we communicate, and we go into the field so that we can understand how the point of sale is and how it can be more attractive.

Following our clients and their competitors helps us understand the future and make our improvement continuous.

3. What is the relevance of the commercial area in Sociprime's strategic context?

The commercial area is responsible for making the available businesses known to clients.

We make sure they are always aware of the services we have available that may fit their needs.

The sale is a communication process before, during, and after the transaction. We never stop communicating with our customers, which makes their experience with us a joint journey and become one.

We always try to manage expectations and fulfill them in such a way that the client concludes that the experience will be rewarding and makes him loyal to the partner, in this case Sociprime.

Proof of this is the fact that we have clients for more than a decade, some have even been with us since the very first moment.

We follow our clients, we create solutions and whether in moments of crisis or evolution, we always have a tailor-made follow-up.

Knowing our clients is essential, whether they are existing or new, so it is important not to stop communication.

More and more, being genuine and using transparency in business are keys to success. Sociprime strives for that and if you have to deny something, you won't stop doing it, however, you will provide doable solutions to make up for the "no".

Knowing how to listen, understanding what the client wants and needs even without explaining it, saying no and giving solutions to clients are sine qua non.

Differentiation in the modus operandi, revealing exclusivity in each client and presenting feasible solutions, make the negotiation clear and with motivation to move forward.

The commercial area is the beginning of the partnership in any acquisition, if there is no pre-sale, demonstration of knowledge of the company and the available know-how, easily the customer is unaware of our positioning in the market.

It is important to define the value offer of our business, because this means "benefit".

Thus, it is essential to be able to explain what the benefits of our services are, so that it is the satisfaction of the need and from there comes greater profitability and better experience. Satisfaction is the result of the relationship between expectation and reality, and this has been our company's commercial strategy.

4. What are the main challenges you foresee in the development of the market?

The change of the market with face-to-face communication to online, was the last challenge, the paradigm changed and we had to update and adapt. We became more resilient, adaptable, and even creative.

We were used to the proximity, but the external limitation, the Pandemic, revealed that the market reacts to the moment, changes and adapts.

Keeping our clients, as well as the constant contact, was a challenge, and now more than ever, we have to evaluate their capacity to invest.

We have to be more vain and meticulous in the way we convey, any negotiation.

The economy is weakened due to the last pandemic year, so the clients are looking to invest, however they are reticent to make big investments, because the return that may come from it, may not become compensatory, so, Sociprime as a service company, has to be conscious and demonstrate that it wants to generate profit not only internally, but also externally.

It is imperative that in each business, it is transmitted that the available HR are specialized, trained, able to work with new technologies, as well as adapt to work in teams and become a Brand Ambassador.

Aligning our digital channels with the explanation in commercial meetings in a clear way in order to convey what and how we operate, is another challenge. Empathy and understanding in online meetings is more difficult, but possible.

We have to love our brand, because only in this way can we captivate business.

In our area, the distance, although it has decreased on one hand, has increased on the other, because our clients are in a way, close to the final consumer, and we Sociprime are part of the "front line" and this gives us motivation to continue in growth mode, however and by the current context, we are already hiring resources for the online market, it is an opportunity of the current market, but even in this market we will always be close, which is a setback of the moment, but it is one of the cultures of our Organization, which we had, have and will have, that gives us constant knowledge and brings us closer to the client, the employee and gives us constant updating.

Ana Marques | Sales Manager

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