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Sociprime reveal the new brand communication

09 Oct 2020Sociprime
Sociprime reveal the new brand communication 3
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Sociprime's new image is lighter, modern, young, and reflects the brand's main values - trust, professionalism, innovation, and quality - in a perfect symbiosis between the vision for the future and respect for the company's origin and history.

This commitment is clearly assumed through the positioning of the brand, which remains identical throughout the years - Prime People for Prime Brands. Our strategy for sustainable growth is focused on the differentiator element and fundamental to achieving success - people.

The conceptual basis of the new image is based on a sober, elegant, and modern graphic language and the maintenance of the elements we consider fundamental to the brand identity, namely the signature and the green color, despite the change of the Pantone to a more elegant tone. The new Sociprime logo is composed of two elements: the Symbol, an element that identifies the brand in a direct and unequivocal way, but which always works separately from the lettering, and the Lettering with the name "Sociprime".

October marks the turning point in Sociprime's communication, with the official presentation of the new identity at an internal event, at the company's headquarters in Lisbon, which were also renewed and decorated according to the brand's new mood. The new communication also has a new digital marketing strategy, with the launch of the new website platform and social media strategy.

According to the management: "SociPrime has been seeking sustainable growth of its business, while building a solid base with its partners in an increasingly challenging operational environment. We are now facing new challenges in our business environment; at a pace and scale where changes are unprecedented. To overcome these challenges, SociPrime has undergone an organizational transformation that includes initiatives such as communication, empowerment and organic and functional restructuring. These improvements will allow us to be faster in identifying and addressing constant changes in the landscape. But there is more to be done and we remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and developing the organization in the future. It is fundamental that we align our actions to respond attentively to the needs of our partners. We are confident that we can exceed the expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests. We are convinced that we are increasingly "prime people for prime brands" and every day we will strive to fulfill our responsibilities with the best of our abilities, always, in everything we do".

João Antunes and Luís Matias

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