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Sociprime assumes an active responsibility and in accordance with the legislation in force, in the various areas, in order to safeguard the Health, Hygiene and Safety of all employees.

1 - Covid-19 Contingency Plan

To the employees of Sociprime-Field Merchandising, SA:

As everyone knows, Sociprime is strictly following the recommendations of the General Health Directorate, in terms of good infection prevention practices.

Considering the current contingency situation and taking into account the latest developments in the spread of infection by respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), taking as reference the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), Sociprime defined and approved its Internal Contingency Plan.

This document, in line with Guideline No. 006/2020, of 26 February 2020, from the "Direção Geral de Saúde" for infection by Covid-19, as well as with all subsequent guidelines and information notes, defines the level of response and action to minimize the risks of transmission of the pathogen.

In line with these guidelines, we have seen that hygiene measures are being strengthened and disinfectant dispensers (a 70% alcohol-based solution) are being placed in strategic locations for the hands.

Download pdf here with Covid-19 Contingency Plan

2 - Safety, Health and Hygiene Standards Manual in the Covid-19 Context

Within the current pandemic context associated with Covid-19, it is Sociprime's obligation, within the scope of its obligation to promote health, hygiene and safety at work, to define and implement a Contingency Plan, containing the rules to be observed within the company's facilities. Sociprime.

From the 1st of June onwards, we will move forward with the gradual opening of our facilities, with the premise of ensuring, in the first place, the safety of all, in order to comply with all the necessary assumptions and guided by the general principles presented, they must be scrupulously everyone has complied with the rules that we have already enunciated and which are now being disseminated and which will make us all public health agents as well.

Download pdf here with Manual of Safety, Health and Hygiene Standards in the Covid-19 Context

3 - Professional Risk Assessment - Promoter and Repositor

The measures that Sociprime can take to protect the safety and health of workers include the prevention of occupational risks, the information and training of workers, as well as the creation and organization of the means to apply the necessary measures to change some situations or procedures that, in some way, compromise the health and safety of workers.

On the other hand, workers must cooperate and comply with the standards of safety, hygiene and health at work that may be adopted. In practice, unfortunately, it is not always possible to eliminate the source of risk, so it should be minimized, as much as possible, through possible and appropriate technical means and control of all risk factors, by periodically carrying out a new risk assessment. , to update the information.

In this way, Sociprime-Field Merchandising, SA must, with a certain amount of expertise, carry out awareness actions on the risks inherent in each activity, where it includes the workers assigned to the activities performed.

Download pdf here with Manual of Risk Assessment - Promoter and Repositor